Fiber optic set "Lion Sky"

Fiber optic set "Lion Sky" offers the unique possibility of lighting the sauna ceiling with starlight. 96 luminous stars, brilliant LED projector equipped with most versatile light effects, silent and energy efficient technique.

As result of 15 year research to develop a device, which compound power equation- plenty of stars, immunity to high temperatures and reasonable/affordable price - we are proud to introduce "Lion Sky". As a bonus we implement silent and efficient LED projector.

Interior Aesthetics

"Lion Sky" set is nearly invisible in its standby mode. No blobs or lumps in the ceiling, no melting plastic. Stars are only 4 mm in diameter and are mounted at the same level with ceiling surface. Stars are made of heat-resistant glass. No mounting furniture/fasteners will be visible after installation. The stars are installed during ceiling paneling into the surface material. Every optic cable has own fastener, which holds also the glass lens, as after installation only a round 4 mm wide spot is visible. As far as lights are off, the glass spot will be practically invisible as it reflects/gets its color from (wood) panel. Switch the power on, and the stars will sparkle to life.
LED projector

As a light source we offer a combined, both white and multi-color (RGB) light emission LED projector. The device is fully electronical, so doesn't contain any moving parts. Remote control is available. Safe mountingOnly fiber optic cable and lenses are installed into the sauna ceiling. Not any electric component will be mounted in sauna. Very important feature of this device is its sauna-structure friendly system as it allows to keep vapor barriers unbroken. The optic cable goes through ventilation spaces. The minimum space requirement is 22 mm. The lens is absolutely waterproof, so humidity will not pass into the ceiling structure. The lens mounting furniture is made of silicon, heat-proof glass and brass.Durable, easy care deviceProjector's construction is modular, also power supply is coming separately. If necessary, modules can be replaced easily. The absence of moving parts inside the projector makes it practically maintenance-free.


Fiber Optic Cable

The fiber optic cable used in this device is 1.0 mm cable, which is 1.8 times more luminous/brighter than normally used 0.75 mm one. With as small amount as 100 stars, there is no any separate lighting required (except possible lighting for cleaning).

In the basic device package there are 6 bundles of 16 cables in each, with the total amount of 96 stars. The lengths of cables in each bundle of optional. With an extra module to the basic device, the total amount increases to 192 stars, which enough for a bigger sauna. Also special lengths of cable are available on request.


Accessory kit

Together with the main "Lion Sky" set of necessary installation materials, the package contains other accessories one can need during mounting as drill bits for wood, helpful for the lens fixture mounting stud and as a bonus a small screwdriver. The only tools needed are: scissors or or sharp wire strippers and cordless drill (which will make the installation much easier). The package comes with complete installation manual which is worth following. Please read the manual first!


"Lion Sky" set is developed for sauna ceiling mounting with recommended panel with of 14-25 mm.

"Lion Sky" set installation does not require special professional skills or certificates, so it can placed independently by household owner/mechanic. 


Sauna Lighting System 96 Stars

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